whats new 346x235 Appreciation Awards are a way of measuring success, recognition and above all, the respect that is bestowed upon an organisation. There are Awards and there are Awards and there is the ICI Award in the field of concrete technology. The reason this award is highly honoured and much coveted is because it is instituted by Indian Concrete Institute, one of the leading professional bodies in India, catering to the professional needs of individuals and organisations involved in concrete. Being a Non Profit Organisation, ICI is dedicated to the cause of Concrete Technology and Construction. ICI Works in close coordination with various central and state government bodies like PWDs and Municipal Corporations. Their annual Awards are much coveted and much respected the world over. And that's what makes us all the more proud to be on their winners list.

It gives us great pleasure to make the announcement that SLN Terminus is the privileged recipient of the much coveted ICI Award for Outstanding Structure of Telangana. We're extremely proud, grateful and humbled at the same time to receive such a wonderful recognition. This is a testimony for years of hard work by a dedicated team that has consistently delivered superior quality in every sphere of work. We have renewed our commitment to be the best in our business and stand head above the rest in our sphere. The ICI Award has indeed worked as the much needed shot in the arm.

It is indeed an honour for SLN Terminus to receive the Award. For us, at SLN, this means only one thing - that we need to strive hard to retain the superior quality of our work which has earned us this Award. Thank you ICI. Thank you Team SLN. Thank you, all our clients who have believed in us and chose us for their abodes, offices, retail spaces and living arrangements. We couldn't have done this without you. We take a bow!
whats new 346x235 Appreciation

The icing on the cake was when Mr. CK Birla and his team came to inspect the progress of SLN Terminus and were all smiles as they saw the incredible development.

A 4 member top-level team visited SLN Terminus on Friday 18th July. They stepped into their gleaming new office on the 7th floor and spent more than 20 minutes. Their broad smiles said it all.